Pavement paving and measuring stakeout of Landscaping Grass

- Jan 19, 2019-

Engineering measurement and stakeout of Landscaping Grass

1. The Landscaping Grass is effectively inspected for its acceptance of the foundation project, and the debris in its foundation is removed to a certain extent. If there is an uneven place, it needs timely repair and leveling. The construction site should be cleaned to ensure the cleanliness and construction quality of the environment. Perform measurement and stakeout according to the rules of the design drawing.

2. The Landscaping Grass uses a steel tape measure to measure whether the surrounding facilities meet the size of the sports field during operation, and if there is any inappropriate modification.

Paving pavement of Landscaping Grass

1. Lay the non-woven fabric along the length of the site. The arrangement direction should be 90 degrees with the arrangement direction of the lawn. The non-woven fabrics are firmly bonded.

2. According to the length and width of the drawing, the line of the course is determined. After self-checking, the line must be straight.

3. Spread the turf on the non-woven fabric according to the original stone size, and the turf should be overlapped by 3-8mm.

4. Cut the lapped turf with a cutting knife. The seam should be no more than 3mm.

5. Place the joint cloth on the lower part of the cutting area, brush the joint glue on the joint surface, and touch and dry after touching