Paving quality and foundation engineering of sports turf

- Apr 22, 2019-

Sports turfs may vary in height during the laying process, as in golf courses. How can artificial turf maintain uniform irrigation?

The sports turf uses different watering frequency and watering amount to maintain uniform irrigation. At the same time, blind rows are arranged in the artificial turf area where the drainage is not timely due to low-lying or styling defects, so as to effectively solve the accumulated water.

Because of the flow and pressure of the wind and sprinkler itself, there will be some areas where sprinkler irrigation is not in place, so this piece of artificial turf should be relatively water-deficient and requires artificial refilling. Although artificial turf is rarely affected by external factors, it requires reasonable maintenance to extend its service life.

The sports turf needs to ensure the quality of the pavement. When it is used, whether it is materials, crafts or construction personnel, it must meet the requirements, so as to improve the construction effect and prolong the service life of the artificial turf.

Check the artificial turf acceptance basic project. Remove the debris in the foundation. If there is any unevenness, repair and level it in time. The construction site should be cleaned to ensure the cleanliness and construction quality of the environment. Measurement and stakeout are performed according to the plan of the design drawing, and the measurement and stakeout are