Processing materials and advantages of sports turf

- Aug 17, 2018-

In the process of making the sports turf, the polypropylene and polyethylene raw materials are mainly used, and then the other materials are effectively matched, so that the surface of the product can be smooth and the grass is soft, and the athletes run on the turf and jump. The action is free, there is no feeling of lameness, slippery foot, etc., especially the anti-vibration bottom layer is added to the bottom pad of the turf, which can meet the requirements of the ball game in shock absorption, deformation, rebounding ball, friction, water seepage and several items.


The fiber of the sports turf has high performance in anti-ultraviolet and anti-aging. It can reach 10 to 15 years, and the artificial turf has good elasticity and vibration damping performance. The running speed and trajectory of the ball are basically the same as the natural turf. It is very safe for the athletes to run and jump in the movement skills.


Advantages of sports turf

1. The simulation of the sports turf is strong. Under normal circumstances, it is no different from natural grass, and the artificial turf is soft and comfortable to adapt, which slows people's sole fatigue.

2. Affordable and practical, the sports turf is economical and affordable, and has a long service life and is easy to update.

3. Environmentally friendly evergreen, sports turf material is environmentally friendly and has high greenness.