Production process and safety performance of golf artificial grass

- Jun 20, 2018-

The golf artificial grass doesn’t need the fertilizer and water resources during the production process because of its natural features. The golf artificial grass can meet the high intensity of the 24 hours sports demand. In the process of use, the maintenance is simple and the drainage performance is good because of the reasonable distribution of drainage holes in the backing.

With the good smoothness surface, the golf artificial grass which is widely used in baseball, hockey and other professional venues. In fact, it began to introduce such products at the end of 80s, but it was widely used till the 90s.

It builds the standard model during the manufacturing process of the golf artificial grass, which can replace the real nature grass. With the continuous development of science and technology, the production technology of the artificial turf are constantly improving and innovating. The ball bounce rolling, shock absorption ratio and the steering value of artificial grass are much close to the natural turf, and even more than the natural lawn.

The golf artificial grass has a high requirement on the safety performance. In the process of production, the lawn is coated on the surface of the grass yarn. The improvement on the polymerized raw material is very effective on reducing the injury of its skin, and it will not cause the occurrence of sports injuries such as tread and contusion. Golf turf is made of high quality grass yarn, and will adding the Age resister in the process of production, besides that, the golf turf is refined with its international advanced technology which ensure its excellent safety performance.

After the golf lawn has been used for a long time, there are some mosses and other fungi will be grown around the turf or the worn places. A small range of lawns can be treated with special anti entangling agents (such as cleaning agents or pod chlorine). Artificial turf will not be affected by proper concentration. This kind of anti wrapping agent can be entangled with the lawn and then swept out with a hard broom. If the entanglement is serious, the lawn should be treated and cleaned as a whole.