Scientific design and healthy cleaning of kindergarten turf

- Mar 08, 2019-

Kindergarten turf include three special categories: special grass, special color runway grass, and stitching pattern grass. Kindergarten turf covers and replaces traditional plastic and PVC paving materials with special design, low cost,

convenient maintenance, environmental protection and safety, beautiful appearance and strong adaptability. Compared with ordinary artificial turf, it has stronger targeting and better adaptability to kindergarten.



The kindergarten turf is healthy and clean, which can inhibit bacteria. Kindergarten dedicated turf grass silk all be produced by new materials, without adding recycled materials. Treated with special UV layer, it can be anti-fouling, anti-bacterial, anti-static, non-dusting, and easy to clean. Even if the child crawls on the lawn, the skin contact with the lawn do not need to be worried too much .


The lawn design in the kindergarten is very scientific and very comfortable to use. The kindergarten turf uses a unique ergonomic structure, which is soft and comfortable, greatly reducing the pressure caused by standing for the back, legs and ankle for a long time,and have a great cushioning effect against accidental