Selection and filling depth of filling materials for artificial grass

- Dec 25, 2018-

Selection of filling materials for artificial grass when it is used

The filling material of the artificial grass is generally sand or rubber granules, and sometimes the two are mixed. When mixed, the ratio of the two is mainly determined according to the situation, and the usual mixing ratio is 70% rubber. Particles + 30% sand.

In artificial grass, for some sports with high impact strength, such as football, the proportion of rubber particles should be appropriately increased to minimize the damage of athletes. For sports venues with little or no impact, such as tennis courts, as long as the hardness of the site is uniform, the cushioning requirements are not high, so there is a large margin in the choice of filler materials.


Filling depth of artificial grass

The filling depth of the quartz sand or rubber particles in the artificial grass may depend on the purpose of use and the height of the selected lawn beam. For sports with high impact strength, artificial grass with long leaf bundles can be selected and filled with deeper filling. Generally, the suitable filling depth of the artificial soccer field lawn is 5mm from the tip of the blade; and the flatness is high and the uniformity is good. The movement, such as hockey, can be appropriately reduced, the filling depth can be increased, and even the surface of the lawn can be flat. However, in our construction process, it is often filled, because quartz sand and rubber particles have a settling process. After settling, the filling depth is about 5mm from the tip of the