Some suggestions for landscape artificial turf laying

- Nov 08, 2018-

The landscape artificial grass will be effectively based on the basic requirements of the use of the site. The foundation is cement concrete foundation. After the foundation meets the requirements, the artificial turf is laid. The main construction scheme is as follows:
1. Check the entire turf field, whether the basic compactness and flatness meet the requirements, and then start to spread the artificial turf.
2. Measure the laying line of the entire site and arrange the laying direction and position of the artificial turf.
3. Start laying the artificial turf, apply glue to the joint interface, and lay and join the cut lawn before the glue dries. The artificial turf should be coated with artificial turf glue. Tightly bonded between.
4. After the landscape artificial turf is laid, it is necessary to carefully check whether the bonding of each joint area is smooth, and whether the artificial grass is firmly bonded. After the inspections meet the requirements, the next step can be carried out.
5. According to the needs of the site, you can sprinkle quartz sand, divide the construction area into a small area of about 1 square meter, and then fill in the standard amount of quartz sand or rubber particles.
6. After the quartz sand or rubber particles are laid, check whether it is level and sufficient. If it is insufficient, it should be added as needed. Any impurities found in the pavement should be removed immediately to ensure the quality.