Sports turf has long service life and wide application

- Mar 11, 2019-

Sports turf has long service life and wide application

The sports turf has good elasticity and the surface has damping effect. Completely free to move around on its top. Provides the same torque release rate as the natural grass thick without spraining the ankle or knee ligaments. The speed  and the rebound force of the ball are almost the same as those of the natural grass.


The sports turf has excellent traction, which allows the athlete to accurately determine the direction of the ball. UV protection, good wear resistance and reduced noise. The surface does not form a slurry, does not freeze, and provides optimum performance in any weather conditions without reschedule.


Sports turf is safe, with minimal surface resistance to sliding, which provides a soft, supportive feeling to a certain extent. The internal filler can prevent the growth of microorganisms. It has a long service life and can be used continuously. It`s no need to close the sports field to grow grass.


The drainage is good, and it can absorb 26mm of rainwater per hour on the gravel foundation. Sports turf scope of application: basketball courts, football fields, gate courts, tennis courts, hockey fields, golf courses, runways and other sports