Stability and use characteristics of artificial turf in basketball court

- Feb 23, 2019-

In the process of making artificial turf in the basketball court, the imported grass and double-layer composite base fabric are used to weave into a 10 mm encrypted lawn. When used, the abrasion resistance is high. The basketball court artificial turf is filled with 40-70. The purpose of quartz sand is to make the lawn more stable and ensure the rebound speed of the ball.
Characteristics of basketball court artificial turf
1. Under the artificial turf of the basketball court, there will be dense drainage holes, so that the speed can be put into use after the rain.
2. The artificial turf of the basketball court has low requirements on the foundation and can be directly laid on the flat concrete.
3. The product has good dirt resistance and is especially suitable for use in areas with poor environment and large dust.
4. It is easy to maintain and the surface is dirty with a broom.