Standard requirements for various elements in artificial turf

- Apr 13, 2018-

In recent years, with the development of sports and leisure sports, leisure products from school stadiums, kindergartens, and communities have all started to process a product. It is an artificial turf. However, in the absence of a unified industry norm, it is increasingly necessary for the artificial turf to correctly understand the current artificial turf on the market.

In particular, regarding the construction standards for artificial turf, this is the basic premise for the normal use of artificial turf. The standard first refers to the specification of artificial turf. The current longer artificial grass turf can reach 60 mm. Such materials are mainly used for Professional football field. In principle, the length of the straw is as long as possible, but the length of the straw used in the football field is generally about 30 mm.

Followed by the relevant standards on the appearance of artificial turf, including the color, appearance, flexibility and other aspects, the color should be kept natural, the appearance should feel good, the softness of the artificial turf has to be the same, such artificial turf can be put into use.

The main material of the artificial turf straw is fiber yarn. Its main component is polyethylene or polypropylene. The former is softer than the latter, and it is difficult for the straw to stand up. The rebound ability of the ball is low. In the standard, there are two evaluation indexes of fiber filaments, which are the number of turns and fiber diameter. Generally, the more turns, the finer the straw, the better the quality; the larger the fiber diameter, the more resistant to wear.

In addition, the fiber quality in artificial turf is also one of the factors to measure its quality, and the density of the grass can not be ignored. Artificial turf football field is generally 130200 cluster heads, the more the number of cluster heads is better; and its grass line spacing is generally 510mm, but it is more dense as possible.