The advantage of artificial turf and its shock absorption effect

- Mar 18, 2019-

The advantage of artificial turf and its shock absorption effect

In the using artificial turf, its special damping pad can make the damping of artificial turf system is no longer single, and the operation is mainly dependent on the composition and thickness of filling materials, so as to ensure good damping effect, ideal ball rebound and flexibility of sports in the service life of the course. To ensure that athletes will not be damaged to the entire muscle and skeletal system caused by the resilience of the site without the elastic cushion. It greatly guarantees the safety and comfort of athletes and sports.

Artificial turf cushion is widely used in artificial turf football field,rugby field, hockey field, softball field, baseball field, golf green, kindergarten activity area, equipment area, leisure area, etc.

The product advantages of artificial turf

1. Adopt new environment-friendly materials, 100% safe and environment-friendly.

2, the product is flexible, light weight, convenient and fast to paving.

3. The product is formed at one time with 10mm of thickness and is more stable in elasticity and quality.

4, the main material is polyethylene polymer, the product is not easy to rot and powder with long service time.

5. The product adopts the closed-hole polymerization process, which is not easy to absorb water, and the pavement and use are not affected by the weather.

6. The product has moderate hardness, more suitable for football field with good vertical deformation and shock absorption

7. The length of the product can be customized according to the site, which shortens the construction period and reduces the loss in the construction