The advantages and construction of kindergarten artificial grass

- Oct 24, 2018-

Kindergarten artificial turf can be effectively divided according to the height of the lawn to a certain extent. The artificial turf height of the kindergarten is 8mm-10mm. The grass shape of this kind of lawn has two kinds of mesh and curved wire. From the appearance point of view, the curved lawn is more flat and dense, similar to the carpet, the advantage is that the density is large, it is not easy to expose the bottom. The density corresponding to the height of the mesh kindergarten artificial turf 10mm can be adjusted by itself. Generally, the density commonly used should be at least 50,000 clusters, so as to ensure the sports performance of the site. If it is only for temporary activities or daily decoration, you can choose a lower cost lawn.

Kindergarten artificial turf is non-toxic and non-polluting to a certain extent. It is mainly made of non-toxic materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Kindergarten artificial turf adopts imported raw materials, kindergarten artificial turf material is environmentally friendly and artificial lawn surface layer can be recycled and reused. Kindergarten artificial lawn adopts straight silk grass (the type of artificial grass can be selected according to customers' needs), the grassy like grass and greening effect better.

Advantages of kindergarten artificial turf
1. The kindergarten lawn is simple to lay. The basic ground requirements are not high, and the ground can be laid directly as long as the ground is hardened and leveled.
2. Kindergarten artificial turf construction efficiency is high. The construction of the kindergarten site is simple, orderly and fast, which makes the overall construction efficiency improve.
3. Kindergarten artificial turf has a long usage rate. Artificial turf generally lasts for 6-10 years and has a much longer life than inferior turf.
4. Kindergarten simulation lawns are diverse. There are many kinds of kindergarten lawn patterns, and the pattern can be customized according to the preference. The laying style can also be paved according to the pattern layout.
5. Kindergarten artificial turf has better water seepage performance.
Kindergarten artificial turf has the characteristics of non-toxic, non-polluting, shock absorption, and reduced sports injuries, making artificial turf widely used in kindergarten venues. Therefore, choosing a paving material with better performance can not only bring health to children, but also beautify the environment.