The Artificial landscape gras has a high usage rate and beautiful layout.

- Aug 15, 2018-

The Artificial landscape gras mainly adopts the concept of safety protection during the operation. The routine maintenance is very simple, the cost is extremely low, the elasticity is good, and the function of shock absorption and noise reduction is safe and quiet. The lines and marks are directly edited, no need to re-dash, and easy maintenance. It is guaranteed to be stable under UV irradiation. The surface is resistant to moisture, shrinkage and swelling, no chemical changes, antiseptic and mildew proof. Containing anti-corrosion additives, the fiber yarn sewing points are firm and solid. Fully high quality breathable and permeable, and not bonded to the bottom. The lawn is safe, non-toxic and flexible, reducing sports injuries.


The overall layout of the landscape turf is beautiful and the utilization rate is high. Its life span can reach more than 10 years, and it is durable and easy to maintain. It can be used continuously throughout the day. The artificial grass material is environmentally friendly, the finished product is constructed, the construction period is fixed and short, the quality is easy to grasp, and the acceptance is simple. Without much expertise.


The Artificial landscape gras has high utilization rate, is shock-absorbing, noise-free, safe and non-toxic, flexible, and has good flame retardant properties. It is suitable for school use and is the best activity, training and competition venue. Artificial turf adopts the concept of safety protection, so it can avoid sports injuries. It provides sufficient cushioning force to reduce the damage that can be caused by the hard ground. The whole material is environmentally friendly and the artificial grass surface layer can be recycled. The foundation is laid using the original excavated spoil and sand, which is in line with the principle of waste reduction and the use of natural objects.