The beautiful layout of the landscape lawn and feature of the vibration reduction

- Jun 30, 2018-

In general, the landscape synthetic turf can be installed on all kinds of basic surfaces. The requirement of the base surface is not high, just need to ensure the surface is clean and smooth. It is simple and economical to operate. This kind of artificial lawn is not only environmentally friendly, economical, but also simple in structure, convenient to work accept. 

The overall layout of the landscape synthetic turf is very beautiful, the material is eco-friendly, can be effectively used in hotels, parks, villas, and so on, which can bring the spring feels to customers and visitors. The cleaning up is also very simple. It only needs clean water to wash dirt.

Landscape synthetic turf can not only reduce vibration and noise,it also has the features of  safety, harmlessness, elasticity and flame retardancy, it also can apply to a wide range sites such as schools, kindergartens, hotels, roofs, parks and leisure, besides that the synthetic turf is also the best choice of courtyard, greening, roof greening, hotel decoration.

Landscape turf has great advantages and will undoubtedly be used more and more widely. Artificial turf has undergone rapid development throughout the country. The sports venues in most colleges and universities have been widely used, more and more schools use synthetic turf, and artificial grass products have entered a new stage of unprecedented development.