The evergreen and durable effect of the golf artificial lawn

- Mar 01, 2019-

Golf artificial lawn have been used more and more in recent years, especially in the cold season. Under normal circumstances, their natural lawns will become lifeless in winter, and natural grasses cannot be normal in high and cold climates. In the winter we often can not see a trace of green around, but artificial turf can play its advantages in the winter.
The evergreen nature of the golf artificial lawn, after the natural grass enters the dormant period, the artificial grass can still bring you a spring-like feeling. In the process of production, it is mainly produced by the principle of bionics. The non-directionality and hardness of the lawn make the user have no big difference between the activity and the natural grass, and the elasticity is good and the foot feels comfortable.
The golf artificial lawn is durable and resistant to fading, making it ideal for use in primary and secondary schools with high frequency of use. It is easy to construct during ope ration and can be laid in asphalt, cement and hard sand sites with virtually no maintenance costs. The value of artificial turf is close to or exceeds that of natural turf. Athletes can play on artificial turf without any skin burns and joint