The layout of recreational turf is beautiful and installation requirement

- Mar 20, 2019-

The layout of recreational turf is beautiful and installation requirement

The overall layout of the recreational turf is very beautiful. When it is operated, the efficiency of the whole product is high, and its service life can reach more than 8 years, which is very durable and maintenance resistant.This product can be used continuously throughout the day, the material of the product is environmentally friendly and the construction period of finishing product is fixed and short.

Recreational turf is both shock-absorbing and noise-free, in the using is very safe and flexible, such products have a certain flame retardant, so it is more suitable for using in schools, artificial turf is the best choice for activity, training, competition and other venues. The recreational turf mainly adopts the concepts of safety and environmental protection, which can effectively avoid its running injury. and can effectively provide sufficient cushioning force during the use process to reduce the damage that the general hardness can cause to the footstep.


The space of the recreational turf would be effectively filled the special high-specificity quartz sand treated at high temperature, so that students can have the opportunity to get close to the soil without smudging the environment and their body, eliminating all the troubles of cleaning.


After the installation of artificial turf, it needs about 2 weeks to stabilize the grass fiber, mainly because the product is not like natural grass, it often needs several weeks of use, and weathering to achieve its best sports