The layout of the artificial turf is beautiful and flexible

- Nov 13, 2018-

Artificial turf can be installed on a variety of basic surfaces, its basic quality requirements are not high, not afraid of cracking, no blistering delamination, simple and economical. The maintenance of artificial turf is very simple, and its maintenance cost is low. To some extent, it only needs to be rinsed with water to remove dirt, and it has the characteristics of no fading and no deformation.

The overall layout of the artificial turf sports field is very beautiful, the product is highly efficient to use, its life span can reach more than 8 years, and it is durable. and can be used continuously throughout the day. The artificial grass material is environmentally friendly, the finished product is constructed, the construction period is fixed and short, the quality is easy to grasp, and the acceptance is simple.

The artificial turf is shock-absorbing and noise-free, safe and harmless, flexible, and has good flame retardant properties. It is suitable for school use and is the best venue for activities, training and competition. Artificial turf adopts the concept of safety and environmental protection to avoid sports injuries. It provides sufficient cushioning force to reduce the damage that can be caused by the hard ground to the feet, so that you have no concerns caused by the site.