The overall layout and maintenance requirements of kindergarten artificial turf

- Oct 22, 2018-

Kindergarten artificial turf can be installed directly on a variety of different foundation surfaces to a certain extent, so the quality of the basic surface is not very high, and there is no fear of cracking, and there will be no blistering or The phenomenon of delamination and the like is not only simple but also very economical.

Kindergarten artificial turf is very simple to maintain, and basically does not need any maintenance costs. It can be washed directly with water, and there is no fading and deformation. Kindergarten artificial turf is similar in shape to real grass. The variety is very diverse, and the length of the grass is chosen according to the actual use.

Kindergarten artificial turf is more beautiful in overall layout, and the efficiency of use is very high. It can guarantee the whole life for more than 10 years. It is not only durable but also does not require excessive maintenance. The most important thing is that it can be used continuously throughout the day. Kindergarten artificial turf material is more environmentally friendly, the finished product is in construction, its construction period is relatively short and stable, the quality control is relatively simple, and it does not need to have too much professional knowledge when accepting.

Kindergarten artificial turf is very efficient in use, not only non-toxic and tasteless, but also very shock-absorbing, and also has good flame-retardant properties. It is more suitable for use in school playgrounds. All materials of kindergarten artificial turf are environmentally friendly materials. It can be directly recycled and reused, and it is relatively simple to lay on the foundation.