The relationship between artificial turf terrain and architecture

- Mar 07, 2019-

Artificial turf is used method for landscaping  in the process of garden layout. It can play a very good contrast, blending, harmony and foil for terrain, architecture and garden landscapes such as trees, shrubs ,roads and other landscape.

Artificial turf and terrain

When the artificial turf and terrain are used together, the turf blends with the terrain. Use the turf to highlight the beauty of the terrain changes, usually used in parks, scenic areas, small amusement parks, residential areas and courtyard layouts. Especially through micro-topography reconstruction, which makes the terrain change slightly, and the surface is neat and the visually soft lawn can be more good performance. Another situation is that when the local shape changes greatly, it can better reflect the complexity of the terrain by cooperating with a flat and open lawn. At this time, the change of the terrain is mainly emphasized by the contrast between them.

Artificial turf and architecture

Buildings are the main elements of high utilization, landscape, location and size. Lawn is low, have certain hollowness. The design and characteristics of the building can be used as a contrast. The plasticity of the lawn can soften the rigid lines of the building and enrich the artistic composition of the landscape design. To create a healthy living environment and landscape environment,  which requires the building and the surrounding environment coordination, and lawn due to the rapid construction period, obvious effect, often used as one of the important materials to adjust the building and