The sports artificial lawn laying and good elastic performance

- Feb 19, 2019-

The performance of the fibers of the sports artificial lawn is very high in terms of anti-ultraviolet rays and anti-aging.It can reach 10 to 15 years to a certain extent. The elasticity of the sports artificial lawn is good, and to some extent, it will have vibration damping efficiency and the operation of the ball. The speed and trajectory are basically the same as the natural turf, and it is very safe for the athletes to run and jump.
The sports artificial lawn is suitable for the laying of sports venues. Its grass is rough, strong and powerful, anti-aging, anti-friction, maintenance-free, and can be put into use immediately after rain. For different sports venues, different types of artificial turf products are matched with them, which are more reasonable and safe to use, meet the physiological requirements of human exercise, and are more humanized.
sports artificial lawn features
1. Good elasticity and shock absorption on the surface.
2. Walk freely on top, providing the same torque release rate as natural grass thick turf. Will not sprain the ankle or knee ligament.
3. The speed of the ball and the rebound force are almost the same as those of the natural grass.
4. Excellent traction. Enable the athlete to accurately determine the direction of the ball's movement.
5. Anti-ultraviolet, good wear resistance and reduce noise.
6. The surface will not form a slurry, will not freeze, no need to reschedule due to the weather. Provides the best performance in any weather.
7. The anti-sliding resistance of the safety surface is extremely low during the operation, which provides a soft support feeling to some extent, and the internal filler makes the micro-organisms unable to