Wear resistance and anti-aging performance test of artificial leisure turf

- Feb 20, 2019-

Recreational performance of recreational turf
A certain impact force is applied on the surface of the artificial turf . After the artificial turf is impacted, the deformation value of the surface indicates the return performance of the turf. Artificial turf with good return performance is more suitable for running and exercising, and it is more effective to prevent athletes from falling and closer to natural turf.
Wear resistance of leisure turf
The artificial turf with good wear resistance is more durable and has a longer service life.
Anti-aging performance of artificial leisure turf
Under the set temperature and humidity environment, the artificial leisure turf is mainly used to irradiate the artificial turf with normal solar ultraviolet rays, which simulates the climate, reaches the set time, observes and tests the color and related physical properties of the artificial turf. The change is called artificial turf anti-aging performance test.
Leisure turf Under normal climatic conditions, artificial turf with strong anti-aging properties is not easy to fade, and it is not easy to become brittle. The artificial turf field with strong anti-aging performance is more durable and stable, rarely loses grass seedlings, and has a longer service life.
Check the acceptance of the basic project. Remove debris from the foundation. If there is any unevenness, repair and level it in time. The construction site should be cleaned to ensure the cleanliness and construction quality of the environment.
Engineering measurement and stakeout of recreational turf
Perform measurement and stakeout according to the planning of the design.
Use the theodolite or other precision measuring instruments to measure whether the surrounding facilities meet the size of the sports field, and repair if necessary.www.frengrassturf.com