Weather adaptability and short construction period of sports lawn

- Sep 04, 2018-

The sports lawn is not affected by the weather conditions during use. The all-weather venue is completely immune to extreme weather such as rain, cold, high temperature and high altitude. The water permeability of the sports lawn is good, and it can be drained cleanly after 20 minutes of heavy rain. Less maintenance, convenient maintenance and cumbersome, after the event to carry out maintenance work such as rolling, replanting and irrigation, usually need to kill insects.

The construction period of the sports lawn is short, and it takes a period of maintenance before the operation can be carried out. The lawn has low requirements on the foundation, and it can be applied on the asphalt, cement and hard sand.

All-weather high-frequency use requires regular maintenance and low frequency of use.

Weather adaptability of sports lawn

Light rain does not affect the use. After heavy rain, it can be used for 3-5 hours after rain stop for 20 minutes.

Restrictions on the use of sports lawns

There are no special requirements for hard objects such as stiletto shoes, high heels, hook-shaped spikes, bicycles, and motor vehicles.