What are the best ways to remove snow and ice for sports grass maintenance?

- Jul 11, 2018-

To a certain extent, the sports synthetic grass belongs to the surface layer, to a certain extent, it is the sod layer. In the process of production, the surface of the turf is hairy hay, ring-shaped curly nylon shredded turf, leaf shaped polypropylene fiber turf and pervious grass prepared by nylon silk. This layer must also be glued to rubber or foam plastics. The construction must be fully glued, pressed tightly and not wrinkled.


Most of the sports grass is in outdoor sports fields. Generally, to a certain extent, it will be frozen due to low temperature in winter. The  freezing is not effect too much to artificial lawn , but it will be frozen after the ice. It can not be used. Under normal circumstances, artificial turf is not affected by freezing because it will automatically melt and vaporize clean. However, in order to make the football field ready to use, it is still necessary to remove the frozen ice on the artificial lawn.

In order to avoid the damage to the sports grass in the process of operation, the most commonly used method is to crush the ice on the artificial turf with heavy rollers. After crushing, it can be cleared directly from the site. When the sun and ice are not too thick, they will melt very quickly.

If the ice is thick on the lawn, it needs to use chemicals to help it melt, but whatever used on lawn, it leaves some residue, so it will be washed by water in the case of the weather allowed. The more common method is to sprinkle urea to help thaw melt, sprinkle urea, and then melt the ice in half an hour. The melted ice should be cleaned with washing machine, rubber cleaner, sweeper or other suitable equipment. Besides that, heavy equipment should not be stopped on the ground for a long time, because it will damage artificial turf.http://www.frengrassturf.com/