Artificial Turf Application Guide And Maintenance Technology

- Apr 13, 2018-

Today, the popularity of artificial turf has become very high. Artificial turf can be seen in various sports and leisure venues. Since people have fully accepted the product, the next step is to accurately and properly maintain the artificial turf. And conservation, so as to achieve the purpose of extending its service life.

The first is the guidelines for the use of artificial turf. The key is to keep in mind the following taboos, including the prohibition of wearing 9mm spikes to run on the artificial turf; prohibiting any motorized vehicles from traveling on the lawn; prohibiting heavy objects from being pressed onto artificial turf for long periods of time Prohibit shot puts, javelins, discus or other high-fall sports on it.

Of course, only these prohibitions are not enough. Secondly, special anti-entanglement agents can be used on artificial turf in a small area to prevent tangling of the grass. However, it is necessary to control the amount so as not to affect the artificial turf. If the tangles are serious, the artificial turf needs to be disposed of and cleaned as a whole.

At the same time, the removal of foreign bodies in artificial turf, including leaves, pine needles, nuts, chewing gum, etc., all of these will create tangles, mottles, and stains. Therefore, special inspections must be performed before the start of the exercise to prevent damage to the artificial turf. Maintain the safety of athletes.

In order to avoid seepage in the artificial turf, it is necessary to prevent outside effluent from entering the lawn and rushing into foreign bodies. Therefore, when construction is completed, a circle of kerb stone should be built on the side of the lawn to prevent sewage from entering. Whether it is after the artificial turf tank is paved or during use, it should be regularly cleaned, especially in the event of snow, it is necessary to sweep the surface of the snow and then use it.