Artificial Turf Characteristics And Cost Estimation For Croquet Grounds

- Apr 13, 2018-

Although all are ball games, the artificial turf used on the gateball court and the football field is different. It is understood that basically all artificial grass lawns with a height of 10-18 mm are used on the gate pitch, and the shape of the grass is curved and the density is Higher, completely a high-crimp artificial turf.

The main reason for using it to lay the gate court is that the curved artificial turf can better control the speed of the croquet; the difference between the turf artificial turf and other sports artificial turf is that the artificial turf is not Quartz sand and rubber particles need to be filled, which is why the cost of the product is higher than that of other sports fields.

Gateball is a small sport, so the venue area is not very large, but it also needs to purchase the required artificial turf according to the size of the gateball, and then estimate the price of the artificial turf at the gateball court according to the product model purchased. At present, the price of artificial turf at the gateball court with better quality is not lower than 45 yuan per square.

Take the gateball field size of 430m2 as an example; then the price of the artificial turf at the gateball court is about 19350-23650 yuan. However, the specific cost of the artificial turf at the gateball court needs to be considered in combination with the cost of turf paving, lawn transportation, and unloading costs.

According to the market for artificial turf construction, the paving fee for artificial turf is related to the paving amount, and the higher the area, the higher the cost; while the artificial turf freight is about 3-8 yuan per square meter, and the unloading cost is 3-5 yuan per square meter. There are also some glue costs and other small expenses. Of course, these prices are also approximate estimates, but also specifically refer to the quoted price of the relevant units.