Artificial Turf With Various Objects

- Apr 13, 2018-

Artificial turf is often used as a background in some landscape planning, mainly because it can play a good role in preserving the terrain, water, construction, plants, roads, etc., making the whole picture look like More beautiful.

When the artificial turf is used in combination with the terrain, the two are integrated, and the artificial turf can fully display or change the beauty of the terrain, and is generally used around parks, scenic spots, communities and yards, especially after micro-topography. The artificial turf is more suitable after the renovation.

Secondly, the combination of artificial turf and water bodies is also very common. The water body can reflect the sky and the surrounding scenes. It is linked with artificial turf and constitutes a scene. This is also a typical combination of dynamic and static. At the same time, construction is also one of the factors that have a high utilization rate in planning. It can also be represented by artificial turf.

The plasticity of artificial turf is used to soften the built hard lines. In order to harmonize the construction with the surrounding environment, artificial turf has the advantage of being fast and effective, and it is often used as an important material for conditioning construction and the environment.

There are different ways of artificial turf in terms of plant collocation, including solitary planting, planting, ploughing and planting, which can be targeted according to actual needs, thereby creating flexible and varied artistic effects. The more common method of artificial turf and road coordination is to set the road directly on the lawn for visitors to take a walk and enjoy the sights.