Correct Handling Of Old Artificial Turfs Before Paving New Artificial Lawns

- Apr 13, 2018-

Nowadays, people pay attention to the use of health. Therefore, the frequency of use of the football field is getting higher and higher. Therefore, some artificial turf football fields with relatively long years have been damaged to varying degrees. In this case, it is necessary to refurbish it so as not to injure athletes.

Before the new artificial turf is paved on the football field, the original old artificial turf must be removed, which is critical for the follow-up work. When removing old artificial turf, be careful not to damage the roots of the original artificial turf, which is usually cement, asphalt, and perhaps a grey earth cushion.

Secondly, since artificial turf is basically bonded to the ground, joints, and non-woven fabrics with adhesives, it is only necessary to remove the artificial turf and the jointing layer with the corresponding tools. Artificial turf roots have been damaged and pitted.

After the above removal work is completed, the artificial turf, quartz sand, and rubber granules on the original artificial turf pitch should also be removed. These materials cannot be recycled. Not only because they have lost their good performance, but they must also be mixed with a lot of impurities, which are not suitable for use in new artificial turf.

Then start paving the new artificial turf football field. Before that, we must organize the venues, clean them up with water as much as possible, and clear the dust on the ground. Only when the standards are met, can we officially start paving the artificial turf on the football field. .