How To Fill The Black Turmeric With Artificial Turf?

- Apr 13, 2018-

After the foundation of the artificial turf and the turf pavement are in place, it is necessary to fill in the quartz sand. However, the construction of the artificial grass turf has not been completed in the end. After the quartz sand is filled, a layer of mysterious Color rubber particles. How is this work done?

The key to filling up the black rubber particles in the artificial turf lies in grasping the thickness of the filling, because the thin and thick filling of the black rubber particles is related to the use of the entire artificial turf field. If the black rubber particles in the artificial turf are too thick, it will feel too soft, causing the skills of running and jumping to fail to display, or even causing foot injuries. However, the black rubber particles are too thin to spread and cause death. Start foot damage.

The correct approach is to first examine the spreading of quartz sand in artificial turf before filling it with artificial black turf. If it is found that the phenomenon of inverted seedlings, lack of sand, etc., must be promptly repaired, only after confirming the formation of flat particles can start to fill up.

To fill up the black turf in the artificial turf, you should start from one side of the field and proceed from one end to the other. After the whole field has been filled up again, the deviation is biased, and the first time of the first pass is filled with the second time. At the same time as filling, artificial turf should be used to stand upright so that the black rubber can be evenly filled inside.

In addition to manual filling, special equipment can also be used to fill the black plastic particles on the artificial grass. It can achieve good filling effect, thin and thick. However, whether it is artificial or machine operation, the black rubber layer should be placed in about 1cm.