The Development Of Artificial Turf Is Ultimately Driven By Innovation

- Apr 13, 2018-

In the past, natural turfgrass has been considered to be very good, but it has been known after being exposed to artificial turf that it has a greater advantage than natural turf. The use of artificial turf can not only greatly reduce the workload of manual maintenance, but also the frequent use of the site. It is also very helpful and does not require regular irrigation and mowing.

Therefore, in general, the use of artificial turf as a whole can take much less than the cost of natural turf. The key is that it is more convenient and effective. This fully shows that change is necessary, and change is the driving force for the development of the times.

All of the natural turf were used before there was no artificial turf, but artificial turf appeared gradually during the development of the times and changes in demand. And after comparison, both artificial turf and natural turf have their own advantages and disadvantages.

When laying artificial turf, quartz sand and rubber are often used to ensure good softness, even comparable to natural grass. And when the ambient temperature is low, the use of artificial turf can also be more secure.

Special studies have also been conducted on the issue of injuries. Although injuries in sports are inevitable, the protection provided by different types of venues is different. In comparison, injuries such as an ankle sprain and an anterior cruciate ligament tear do not increase during training or competition on the artificial turf field.

This is because the softness of other sites on the artificial turf field has been further enhanced, which can reduce the impact of injury during exercise. Of course, if products and industries are to move forward, artificial turf still needs innovation.