What Are The Preparations Before The Construction Of Artificial Turf Paving?

- Apr 13, 2018-

According to the needs of the venue, it is necessary to lay artificial turf on it. Prior to this preparation work is also very important. It will directly affect the paving quality and effect of the artificial turf. Therefore, this part of the work must be fully and carefully considered.

The first thing that needs to be done is to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the artificial turf that will be paved. The main concern is the density and flatness of the foundation. If it can meet the corresponding requirements, it can be used. In fact, in order to allow artificial turf to meet this requirement, it can be achieved by placing it under the sun for a while.

Secondly, before the artificial turf is laid, the site must be measured and put on the line, the orientation of the stadium line should be determined, and the symbols should be marked. The marks should be marked with different colors of ink to determine the laying direction and orientation of the artificial turf, so as to reduce the possibility of late The possibility of rework.

In addition to the preparation of paving materials, in addition to the artificial turf is necessary, glue, quartz sand, rubber particles, etc. are also indispensable auxiliary materials for artificial turf field paving. The glue must be selected exclusively for artificial turf, and quartz sand and rubber particles must also meet the relevant quality requirements.

Only when all the work is ready, can we begin to install the artificial turf. The operation methods and precautions in the whole process must be grasped. This can improve the paving efficiency and paving quality of artificial turf, making artificial turf It may be put into use as soon as possible.